The Code Academy was a life changing experience for my son and our entire family. Carter started out being unable to sound out simple words, and avoiding reading completely. With the explicit structured literacy approach from TCA he now reads for enjoyment! We can't say enough wonderful things about Mrs. Tammy and what she has created, a safe place for all kids to be taught the way they learn.
Mrs. K. Aikin
I have a friend whose child was not reading in second grade, despite the district's dyslexia 'help.. In three month's time, The Code Academy had him reading on level! They do amazing work. My son will be attending the summer session!
Laura Sonnier
Alexandra attended the Houston Dyslexia Institute summer camp this year. She learned so much! She had been attending HISD and was in a SpEd program where she was pulled regularly by the dyslexia specialist. At the end of 1st grade, she struggled reading simple sight words. After only 2 weeks with Tammy at the Houston Dyslexia Institute, I noticed an entire world opened up for her. She wanted to read everything! She was so excited about reading & confident about her abilities! The Code Academy helps so many children - who even in a SpEd program in the school districts - they need this extra one on one tutoring to thrive & really understand their full potential. Not everyone thinks and learns the same way! PLEASE HELP SUPPORT THIS AWESOME CAUSE!!! Tammy was a dyslexia specialist in HISD for years - she has created a program for these kids to learn, grow, & thrive that in a traditional SpEd program, often they are left behind... because there aren't enough resources and specialists to work with these kids & they get very minimal time.
Elizabeth Ann Nguyen Hornbeck