While you can never truly prevent dyslexia, we understand that the earlier you diagnose it, the more you can prevent the social and emotional toll it can take on both children and their families.

  • According to the International Dyslexia Association:
  • “About 13–14% of the school population nationwide has a handicapping condition that qualifies them for special education. Current studies indicate that one-half of all the students who qualify for special education are classified as having a learning disability (6–7%). About 85% of those students have a primary learning disability in reading and language processing.”


We know firsthand how challenging dyslexia can be for everyone involved, and that’s why we’ve created a sustainable solution for families in need.

To begin this process, we offer evaluations for families who have struggled to properly diagnose their child, since we know this process can be overwhelming for so many. We also often work from another diagnostician’s referral as a starting point for those who have already received an official diagnosis. Once this process is complete, we get to work on an individual education plan (IEP) for the student.


Our 5:1 student-to-teacher ratio means that every student is provided with personalized, intensive dyslexia therapy that delivers results. On average, we can help a student confidently “decode” in as little as 12-15 weeks! Our founder’s belief in providing the “first good instruction” sets the tone for our approach throughout every step of a child’s literacy journey, from phonological awareness to reading fluency.

Our goal is to help families better understand their children and help students get on the right path as early as possible, though we are still here to support students at any stage of their academic journey.