Our approach to learning coupled with our experienced faculty sets us apart from other schools, especially those that don’t understand how to cater to the unique learning styles of our students.

We know dyslexia comes with its challenges and struggles, but there’s nothing we aren’t prepared to handle. In addition to offering an Individual Education Plan for each student (something traditional schools often can’t deliver for students with learning differences), our school also offers onsite diagnosis and reading specialists trained to help dyslexic students.


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One of the assets that sets us apart is our incredible team. Every teacher at our school is either a dyslexia practitioner, CALT: Certified Academic Language Therapist and/or an LDT: Licensed Dyslexia Therapist. The LDT license is granted by the State of Texas, not a public education system. In addition to completing a rigorous program and clinical experience, these licensed therapists are also required to complete continuing education classes biennially to maintain their license. The process to acquire CALT certification is similar: consisting of a comprehensive training course and the completion of the Academic Language Therapist Association’s Competency Exam at the therapy level. This means that our faculty are not only prepared to help your child face any challenge, but they’re also always learning more about how they can better serve our students.



After several devoted years to HISD, founder Tammy Spencer understood just how broken our public school...


Dyslexia Interventionist
Nina joined Dyslexia School of Houston as a Dyslexia Interventionist in August 2020. Nina’s passion for literacy...


Though our main goal is to prioritize prevention over intervention, we’re here to serve students at every level. We know that dyslexia, while difficult for students and families, is not a barrier to learning. In fact, dyslexia is not tied to IQ at all. Albert Einstein was dyslexic and had an estimated IQ of 160. We know our students have unlimited potential to not only catch up if they’re falling behind but to excel and utilize their bright minds to accomplish incredible things. Just because an estimated 1 in 10 people struggle with dyslexia doesn’t mean they have to do it alone.

Our curriculum incorporates a variety of new learning tools for students and parents to implement together both in the classroom and at home. In addition to providing engaging exercises and activities for hands-on learning, we have also created a structured plan that sets students up for success. From the early stages of phonological awareness to reading fluency, we are able to get students “decoding” what they’re reading in a matter of weeks.

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