Celebrities With Dyslexia

Dyslexia is known to be one of the most common learning challenges for the population. People of all backgrounds struggle with the learning and thinking difference, even some of the world's most notable figures and celebrities. Despite these challenges, there seems to be a theme that those diagnosed with dyslexia are often destined for success.

We listed just a few of the famous figures in Hollywood, music, science, philanthropy and sports who learned to overcome their learning differences, utilizing their unique mindset to harness their creativity and superpowers!

Steven Spieldberg, Hollywood Director

Iconic Hollywood director of notorious movies like ‘Jaws’ and ‘Jurassic Park,’ Steven Spielberg did not let his dyslexia hold him back. Spieldberg was first diagnosed with dyslexia at age 60, stating that the diagnosis was “the last puzzle piece to a great mystery that I’ve kept to myself.” It all made sense to him - why Spieldberg was reading two levels behind his classmates. Nevertheless, he learned to accept and cope. Learning at a slow and steady pace was what helped him absorb information more thoroughly.

Anderson Cooper, Journalist

Anderson Cooper was diagnosed with dyslexia at a young age, but was grateful for his school and teachers for recognizing his potential. Cooper stated that growing up “in a home where reading and writing had great value,” was often difficult as he tried his best to keep up with his brother, an avid reader. Early on in his childhood, his teachers could tell he had tremendous reading challenges and ultimately led to weekly meetings with reading specialists. Cooper began making strides, going on to study journalism at Yale University and becoming a six-time Emmy Award winning journalist.

John Lennon, Singer-songwriter, The Beatles

Famous singer-songwriter of the infamous Beatles, John Lennon, did not know he was dyslexic until much later in his life. Lennon began drawing and writing creatively at a very early age. He excelled at art and music in high school, but his grades were poor and he had trouble reading and spelling. Despite his lack of effort academically he went on to overcome this obstacle and became one of the most influential artists of all time.

Albert Einstein, Physicist & Theorist

With a strong love for mathematics and science in school, Albert Einstein disliked grammar and always had problems with spelling. The headmaster of Einstein's school actually suggested he should attend a trade school and his teachers reportedly declared him as borderline intellectually impaired due to his literacy challenges. It is safe to say, he did not listen to his teachers and went on to become one of the world's most influential physicists and theorists of all time.

Orlando Bloom, Actor

Hollywood actor, Orlando Bloom, struggled with dyslexia since a young age. Often angry and frustrated with this learning challenge, he felt like dyslexia held him back. Nevertheless, he learned that creativity was key to any child with dyslexia. Orlando decided early on he wanted to become an actor and feels thankful for his creative talents that come with dyslexia, for his successful career starring in big film hits like "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "The Lord of the Rings."

Henry Winkler, Actor, Comedian, Producer, Director & Author

Henry Winkler, actor, comedian, producer, director AND author of the popular "Hank Zipzer" series which tells the story of a bright boy with dyslexia, has struggled with dyslexia since a young age. Winkler, who also played the iconic role of the Fonz on "Happy Days" says reading was so difficult that he didn't read a full book until he was 31. Nevertheless, he achieved a ton of success in his career. He says what made a difference was his patience and tenacity.

Cher, Singer, Actress and TV Personality

Do you “Believe” in life with dyslexia? Singer and actress Cher struggled with reading all throughout grade school. In academics, she struggled with reading and making sense of numbers. To this day, Cher still wrestles with her dyslexia, stating “I am a terrible reader, I don’t write letters. Numbers and I have absolutely no relationship.” Nevertheless, her learning differences did not keep her from pursuing her passions. Cher went on to become one of the most iconic pop stars and celebrity icons today.