Beautiful Minds Exhibit at The Health Museum

The exhibition titled, Beautiful Minds: Dyslexia and the Creative Advantage is an interactive, educational experience for the whole family to enjoy at The Health Museum! The exhibit features the trials and tribulations of individuals diagnosed with the unique learning difference through interactive activities and creative displays. Explore the successes of those who think outside the box when faced with the challenges of dyslexia and learn about the tools and resources for diagnosis and pathways to success.

A unique portion of the exhibit also reflects each community that it travels to, by featuring local students and artists.

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The Beautiful Minds Exhibit will be leaving Houston soon, so be sure to visit before May 22, 2022. Plan your visit and purchase tickets today by visiting The Health Museum website.

Dyslexia School of Houston and our friends at Neuhas Education Center are proud sponsors of Beautiful Minds and we are elated to contribute to dyslexia awareness in the community and beyond.

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