At Dyslexia School of Houston we are fully committed to the science of reading and cracking the code of dyslexia to get your child reading properly in 12-15 weeks. The rest of their education with us will focus on fluency and comprehension through intensive dyslexia therapy. We are passionate about making students thrive at literacy to set them up for success in their academics.

We know how broken public school systems are and we empathize with parents who are searching for answers. At a standard HISD school, parents would not see the proper steps of literacy being taken for a student with dyslexia. A common scenario for a parent, if lucky, is being granted a 504 meeting – which is the parent telling the school why their child needs special attention, and possibly getting a request for someone to evaluate their child. Parents with the financial means can go to a trained dyslexia specialist, but at most, children will see a reading tutor for just one hour a week which is not enough time for a child to succeed in proper literacy. Dyslexia School of Houston provides what public and private schools don’t – individual instruction.

Your child will work one-on-one with an interventionist to decode literacy. All of our interventionists are certified Texas educators and are systematically trained in the program the district has developed or purchased for use with students with dyslexia. Dyslexia School of Houston partners with the Neuhaus Education Center to ensure that each Dyslexia Interventionist is trained with the Basic Language Skills Program to serve all students identified with LD in reading and/or dyslexia.

Are you ready to unlock your child’s full literacy potential with their “first good instruction?” Contact us today to learn more.

Download The Dyslexia Handbook and learn all of the characteristics of dyslexia and related disorders here.