November Dyslexia Toolbox

This month, we’ve pulled out a great tool for learning the alphabet and two books that can give insight to those who think they have dyslexia or those who are trying to understand how their dyslexic friends and family think.

Do you have a child with dyslexia who is starting to learn letters? You and your student will benefit from the Sandpaper Letters from Adena Montessori. These cards use colors and a sandpaper surface for their letters so students can trace the letter while learning. This tactile tool aids students in learning...

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Welcome to October’s Dyslexia Toolbox! Today we’d like to introduce you to some of our favorite dyslexia-friendly books and a fun twist on a matching game. Not only are our books dyslexia-friendly, but they all teach children important social skills. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

What we like to play...

Zingo board game

Zingo! is a matching game for ages four and up that strengthens matching and language skills. Designed for those not yet reading, the icons contain simple objects such as a...

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We at the Dyslexia School of Houston aim to provide families with the proper foundation and instruction that their students need to move forward in their education. We always strive to be their first good instruction, meaning that we care for each student uniquely because we understand that not every child is the same nor are their needs. Every teacher at our school is either a dyslexia practitioner, CALT: Certified Academic Language Therapist and/or an LDT: Licensed Dyslexia Therapist. Our goal for our parents is to provide them with resources that will help them better understand their...