Our Team



After several devoted years to HISD, founder Tammy Spencer understood just how broken our public school systems are and how often families struggled to receive a timely dyslexia diagnosis. While dyslexia may be difficult, every student has a bright, adaptable and beautiful mind capable of incredible things. It was Tammy’s calling in life to help make that happen every day for her students while providing the support families are aimlessly...


Dyslexia Interventionist

Nina joined Dyslexia School of Houston as a Dyslexia Interventionist in August 2020. Nina’s passion for literacy and decoding students with dyslexia is incredible. She provides explicit reading instruction to students with dyslexia using the Neuhaus Basic Language Skills literacy program and is also training to become a Certified Academic Language Therapist.

Jessica Le.JPG

Early Childhood Specialist

Jessica has over 8 years of experience in early childhood education, helping children from ages 6 months old to 12 years old find their voice. Her passion for creating a positive learning atmosphere is highlighted in her role at Dyslexia School of Houston as an Early Childhood Specialist, as she supports students through open-ended play with lots of storytelling!