The Dyslexia School of Houston represents our founder Tammy’s vision for better education. After devoting years of her life to public education and garnering a reputation for being “the dyslexia lady” in HISD, Tammy knew how many families needed help.

She knew that public and even private schools weren’t offering dyslexic students and their families the diagnoses, resources and attention they really needed. Even worse, the limited opportunities available for families to receive this help came with unnecessary barriers to basic support. Many families still struggle to simply qualify for a proper diagnostic test. She knew this needed to change.

So in the middle of a pandemic, Tammy decided to make that change herself. She left her HISD role in the summer of 2019 to embark on a new venture and bring her vision to life. The Dyslexia School of Houston was founded in September of 2020, with a clear goal: to make dyslexia education accessible to families who needed it most and provide students with the first good instruction they needed to unlock literacy.

Since its founding, the school has brought on an incredible team of licensed teachers and therapists who make Tammy’s dream a reality. Our faculty cherishes the opportunity they have every day to make a difference in a student’s life and the 5:1 student-to-teacher ratio means that every student gets the special attention they need to succeed. The school most recently moved into its own space in West University Place to better serve families during their half-day sessions and provide a distraction-free and supportive environment for learning. Learn more about our approach here.

We know firsthand how overwhelming dyslexia can be for families to navigate, and we want to create a space where students and their families never have to face those challenges alone. Being a part of every student’s unique success story is the most rewarding part of what we do, and we hope your child will be the next story we tell.