After devoting many years of service to HISD, our founder Tammy Spencer understood how broken our public school systems are. She understood how many families struggled to receive a timely dyslexia diagnosis, and how many students lacked the essential foundation they needed to move forward in their education.

To solve these problems and provide what so many of her students come to know as “the first good instruction,” she launched a school specifically for students who aren’t receiving the education they need through traditional curriculum, and the Dyslexia School of Houston was born. Read our founder’s story

We will help you to achieve your goals.

We offer literacy-based tutoring and dyslexia therapy for students who wish to utilize our expertise as a supplement to traditional school or homeschooling.


An exceptionally unique experience tailored to you

We are a tuition-based school that offers half-day sessions for students who wish to utilize our expertise as a supplement to traditional school or homeschooling. Our goal is to provide the first good instruction students need to stay on track with their other academic goals.

In addition to establishing a solid foundation for student literacy, we also understand that it is critical to educate our families about how they can better understand and support their dyslexic student. That’s why we involve our parents in each step of the process, from phonological awareness to reading fluency. With parents involved, it’s easier to decode anytime, anywhere as students practice their new skills.

We also know that every student is unique and every child needs to learn at their own pace. Our faculty creates an individual education plan (an IEP) for each student so we can get on the right track no matter where a child is in their literacy development.

Finally, we recognize that dyslexia offers a unique challenge for both the student and their family, so we’re here to help by providing a nurturing environment with empathy at the forefront of our instruction. While dyslexia may be difficult, we recognize that these students have bright, adaptable minds and are capable of achieving incredible things. We also know every student can unlock literacy with the proper support and we’re making that happen every day. Learn more about our approach here.