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Understanding Dyslexia: Embracing Dyslexia Awareness Month

October is a special month for us as it’s Dyslexia Awareness Month, dedicated to raising
awareness about dyslexia, an often misunderstood learning difference. Dyslexia affects
individuals of all ages, making it vital to educate and inform everyone about how we can
support dyslexic individuals effectively.

Dyslexia is more than struggling with reading and spelling. It’s a neurobiological disorder
that affects the way the brain processes language. However, with proper understanding,
support, and interventions, people with dyslexia can flourish academically and in their
everyday lives.

During this month, we aim to spread knowledge about dyslexia, debunk
misconceptions, and encourage open conversations. Understanding dyslexia can lead
to early identification and intervention, ensuring dyslexic individuals receive the proper
support and prevention they need to thrive.

If you suspect that your child or someone you know might be dyslexic, we encourage
you to reach out for a diagnostic evaluation. Early identification and intervention are
crucial in helping dyslexic individuals develop essential skills and strategies to succeed
in school and beyond.

At the Dyslexia School of Houston, we’re committed to providing a supportive and
nurturing environment for dyslexic learners. We empower our students by equipping
them with the tools they need to overcome challenges and celebrate their unique

Join us in spreading awareness this Dyslexia Awareness Month, October 2023.
Together, we can create a more inclusive and understanding world for individuals with
dyslexia. Stay tuned for more insights and tips on how to support dyslexic learners
throughout this special month!

For more information on the scholarships offered at Dyslexia School of Houston, please
visit www.thecodeacademydyslexia.org.

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