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5 Study Tips for Students with Dyslexia

For students with dyslexia, the educational journey can be both challenging and
rewarding. However, traditional studying methods can be challenging to brains that
uniquely process language and information. Dyslexia may affect reading, writing,
and spelling — each fundamental for learning.
But, we are happy to say that, with the right strategies in place and a supportive
network of family and educators, all students can excel at studying and reach their
full academic potential. We’ve collected our favorite study tips tailored to the learning
needs of students with dyslexia.

1. Embrace Multisensory Learning
By bringing multiple senses into the learning experience, students with dyslexia can
flourish. Visual aids, auditory cues, and kinesthetic activities, including mind maps,
color-coded notes, and interactive educational tools, reinforce concepts, improve
memory retention and enhance learning.

2. Create Structured Study Plans
Many students benefit from adopting a consistent study routine with clear objectives,
and this is especially true for students with dyslexia. Start by breaking down tasks into
manageable chunks and allocating specific time slots for each. Establishing short,
focused study sessions are more effective than prolonged ones for children with

3. Cultivate a Growth Mindset
Instead of seeing challenges as roadblocks, reframe them as opportunities for growth
and improvement. Embracing chances to refine study styles and discover better ways to
do things works toward developing a positive attitude towards learning that can boost
motivation and resilience in your child with dyslexia.

4. Focus on Conceptual Learning
Use study sessions as a time to strive toward understanding the essential underlying
concepts of subjects. Associating new information with real-life examples or personal
experiences is an excellent tool for facilitating proper comprehension and long-term
retention for students with dyslexia.

5. Ask the certified therapists at Dyslexia School of Houston
Seeking advice from trained professionals is key to helping your child succeed.
Every teacher at DSH is ready to help you study better, and our certified
therapists enjoy watching students excel in their studies.

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