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Free Dyslexia Therapy You Can Do At Home

So, you just found out your child has dyslexia…What’s next?
Second Opinions? Expensive therapy? Tools and curriculum?
All of these costs can add up quickly. And it’s true what they say…You get what you pay

Literacy is a priceless human right, but quality dyslexia therapy can be costly.
That’s why The Code Academy was founded. At The Code Academy, scholarships are
created for children with dyslexia whose families do not have the means to afford
private therapy. These scholarships are established by the efforts of thousands of men
and women who advocate literacy for all. For more information about connecting with
The Code Academy and learning about these scholarship opportunities for a child you
know, please visit https://thecodeacademydyslexia.org and continue reading for more
free tools you can use at home to help your child succeed.

Children love being read to. They love to play and sing! Make reading fun by reading
with your child every day and opening their mind to a world of imagination that might be
stunting them otherwise.

We love using notecards to practice sight words here at Dyslexia School of Houston
(DSH). Notecards are easy and can go everywhere with you to practice words, sounds,
letters and vocabulary.

Every child appreciates a safe place to learn, but for children with dyslexia, an
appropriate learning environment is imperative to their success. Spend little to no
money arranging a cozy and organized nook in your home for your child to read and
practice writing with ease and comfort.

Children (and adults) thrive on routine. Help them stay motivated with a calendar of
learning activities to keep track of their progress. Consistency with other routines like
getting enough sleep, water and brain foods is essential, too.

When you are helping them track their progress, be sure to encourage their success with
verbal encouragement and fun activities when they knock their goals out of the park.
Remember, consistency is key.

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