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What are the best careers for people with dyslexia?

We each have a unique purpose, and finding the right career path is essential for anyone to
succeed. This is especially true for those with dyslexia or other learning disabilities that make
particular tasks more difficult.

People with dyslexia, a neurobiological disorder, have more activity in the frontal lobe of their
brain which makes word processing and word fluency extremely difficult. Because of this
distinction in their brain, dyslexics are known for being strong visual processors with great
reasoning and problem-solving skills.

Choosing a career requires many considerations, including how our strengths and weaknesses
will impact our performance. Three of the best career paths for people with dyslexia and other
visual learners include:

1. Entrepreneurship – The best entrepreneurs are creative problem-solvers who think
outside the box, just like people with dyslexia.

2. Sales & Marketing – The most successful sales professionals are go-getters who tell you
exactly how it is, and how it should be done. We see so much of this in our students at

3. Creative – From performers on stage to artists with clay, and actors in plays to designers
on runways, creatives are everywhere. They make our world and communities beautiful.
They entertain us as only creatives can. When someone has dyslexia, their brain often
thinks in images rather than words. Using their strong imaginations for success at work
is one thing creatives do best.

Albert Einstein will forever be one of the most famous inventors, and he had dyslexia.

Steven Spielberg has produced at least 129 films, directed 34 films (and counting) and has a
net worth of more than $4 Billion; he has dyslexia.

Celebrities like Cher, Whoopi Goldberg and Jennifer Aniston inspire women and men every day
to use their talents for good. They have dyslexia.

Like we tell our students at Dyslexia School of Houston, there is no limit to what people with
dyslexia can do. But in case you’re wondering, here are a few more career paths that work great
for people with dyslexia: professional sports & management, social work, hospitality,
landscaping, property development and the list goes on.

Jo Malone is a British perfumer and entrepreneur who says, “My dyslexia is not a disability, but
an ability to think differently, and if this world needs anything at this moment, it is people who
think differently. We’ve learned how to see around walls and spot the potential in something that
others don’t.”

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