How Dyslexia Impacts Adulthood if Left Untreated

Untreated dyslexia is like walking around with blinders on. That’s how one of our
student’s parents recently described what they could only imagine their son experienced before enrolling in therapy at Dyslexia School of Houston.

But the hard truth is, so many children go without the proper dyslexia treatment and become adults who can’t read or write, making daily tasks difficult like holding a job or transporting around their own communities.

For a moment, imagine walking around the town square in your home town. You may know your way around because it’s familiar, but the words on all the buildings are jumbled up. You don’t know the entrance from the exit, let alone the town hall from the pool hall. It’s all so confusing and overwhelming.

When we think of dyslexia outside of reading a book or writing the letter “E” as the
number 3, it’s easier to understand how crippling it can be.

Without the proper tools to read correctly, transportation around one’s own city, let alone
country, might be nearly impossible. From exit signs on the highway to reading gates at
the airport, the ability to read and write far exceeds a necessity in the classroom. The
ability to read and write also provides freedom that comes with holding a job and caring
for a family as only an educated and literate person can.

There’s a common misconception that like allergies or awkward-phases, some people
can outgrow dyslexia. This is simply not the case. Rather, they learn to live their best
lives with the adapted tools they’ve implemented and boundaries they’ve set.

People with dyslexia are just like any other intelligent person facing struggles. When
faced with adversity, we all have the option to adapt or collapse. Maybe this new insight
on dyslexia can teach us all to be a little more adaptable.


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