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How to Spot Early Signs of Dyslexia in Children?

Earlier this month we shared some of the earliest signs of dyslexia. That list included
characteristics such as struggling to remember nursery rhymes, differentiate between
specific sounds, delayed speech, difficulty learning the alphabet or understanding right
from left, among many others.

While the list of early signs is extensive, it’s most important to consider your child’s age,
development, consistent patterns and genetic proneness. That being said, if you believe
your child has a limited vocabulary for their age, messy handwriting or difficulty writing
at all, it’s your role as a parent to take action.

If your child expresses frustration in learning, this may be a cry for help. While some
students with undiagnosed dyslexia may be able to communicate when they need help,
others may not.

The earlier you seek help for your child by scheduling an assessment with a licensed
professional, the sooner they will have a proper diagnosis. And with a proper diagnosis,
our dyslexia specialists can implement the proper therapy and adaptive tools into your
child’s routine and your family’s lifestyle.

At Dyslexia School of Houston, we prioritize prevention over intervention with
customized therapy for each child’s learning style. It’s important to apply adaptive
learning both in and out of the classroom to set your child up for both short-term, and
long-term success.

The best results happen for your child when we all work together!

If you think your child may be exhibiting any of these early signs, it’s important that you
advocate for them. Talk to your pediatrician, or better yet, our experts at Dyslexia
School of Houston. Wherever you are located, we want to help you help your child.

Call us at (832) 767-0915 or send an email to info@dyslexiahouston.org if you have
seen any of these early warning signs or have questions about dyslexia.

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