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We at the Dyslexia School of Houston aim to provide families with the proper foundation and instruction that their students need to move forward in their education. We always strive to be their first good instruction, meaning that we care for each student uniquely because we understand that not every child is the same nor are their needs. Every teacher at our school is either a dyslexia practitioner, CALT: Certified Academic Language Therapist and/or an LDT: Licensed Dyslexia Therapist. Our goal for our parents is to provide them with resources that will help them better understand their students and get their students on the right path. For our students, if they can’t learn the way they teach, we teach in a way they learn! We believe in true empathy and inclusion for our students.


We often get questions about what our favorite dyslexia-friendly tools are, so we’ve put together a guide for you: The Dyslexia Toolbox. The DyslexiaToolbox is a collection of dyslexia-friendly games, books and resources for all ages, careers and more! The small commission we make from each link purchase will go towards bettering our school to better help our students.

We hope our blog will help clear common misconceptions about Dyslexia and help the world be more dyslexia-inclusive.

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