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Known as “the dyslexia lady” after 27 years as an educator, Dyslexia School of Houston Founder, Tammy Spencer, is truly making her mark in the Houston community! We are so proud of Tammy’s recent interview on KPRC 2 Houston, on the Stronger Houston segment where she shared her story of the beginning of Dyslexia School of Houston and her mission of true structured literacy for all.

After decades of watching students with dyslexia and their families be overlooked and overwhelmed, Tammy took matters into her own hands and started a private tutoring program in her garage. She believed every child deserves the proper instruction in order to succeed in their academics. After word of mouth travelled to frustrated parents in the Greater Houston area, Tammy Spencer’s backyard program soon became a tuition-based private school now known as Dyslexia School of Houston.

Watch the full interview with Tammy Spencer below or visit the KPRC 2 Houston website here for the full article.

We’re changing lives through our Founder’s belief in “the first good instruction,” and this is only the beginning!

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