2022 Student Spotlight


We have a talented book writer on our hands! We are so thrilled to announce that a Dyslexia School of Houston alumna, Zariah Cherry, has won the 2022 Black Children’s Book Week Pitch Competition and is now in the process of publishing her very first book! “Lulu the Lollipop Girl” follows the story about a little girl’s journey of lessons learned and healthy eating. Diagnosed with dyslexia at such a young age, Zariah is defying all odds against her and using her superpowers to create her own destiny.


Zariah is currently a fourth grader in Fort Bend ISD and according to her family, she has been writing books before she could even write letters. Zariah was struggling with her literacy skills and her parents had trouble navigating help for their daughter. They knew they needed support to help Zariah thrive in her academics. Originally from Virginia, the Cherry family discovered Tammy Spencer and Dyslexia School of Houston before even residing in Texas. In Zariah’s mother, Erika’s own words:

“It was very challenging in Virginia because we had to schedule and pay for the evaluation testing on our own. We even had to explain what dyslexia is to the teachers and principals there. I knew we could find the support we needed in Houston. Dyslexia School of Houston was a huge part of why we moved here. We knew Tammy would give us the support we needed. Dyslexia School of Houston has skyrocketed Zariah’s confidence in wanting to read, do creative writing and share her stories. Now she is more eager to do it on her own and is excelling.”

Zariah’s literacy skills have never been better, now she is able to continue strengthening her skills as a young writer. “Lulu the Lollipop Girl” is actually the sixth book written by Zariah! Her mother wanted to help Zariah pursue her dream, but was unsure of what to do next. Therefore, she reached out to an author who came to Zariah’s school who recommended entering the Black Children’s Book Week Pitch Competition.

Interestingly enough, Zariah and her family are currently collaborating with an illustrator for “Lulu the Lollipop Girl” who also happens to have dyslexia! Her family came across the illustrator on Etsy and knew instantly he would be the perfect match to help complete the book. With their superpowers combined, “Lulu the Lollipop Girl” is on its way to success!

We are so proud of Zariah and her journey thus far. We are eager to see what the future holds for her book writing journey, as well as her academic journey. Dyslexia School of Houston is here to support her the whole way! It just goes to show that dyslexia does not define you, don’t let anything stop you from pursuing your dreams. Way to go, Zariah!

If you would like to support Zariah Cherry’s book publishing journey, the Cherry family has created a CashApp to help her reach her goal: @BooksByZariah. Any donation is greatly appreciated!

The science of reading is truly extraordinary, learn more about Dyslexia School of Houston and start your child’s literacy journey today.

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