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Dyslexia School of Houston is a tuition-based school that offers half-day sessions for students who wish to utilize our expertise as a supplement to traditional school or homeschooling.

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About Us

Providing the first good instruction students need to stay on track with their academic goals.

In addition to establishing a solid foundation for student literacy, we also understand that it is critical to educate our families about how they can better understand and support their dyslexic student. That’s why we involve our parents in each step of the process, from phonological awareness to reading fluency. With parents involved, it’s easier to decode anytime, anywhere as students practice their new skills.

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Prevention First


We believe in prevention over intervention.

According to the International Dyslexia Association:

“About 13–14% of the school population nationwide has a handicapping condition that qualifies them for special education. Current studies indicate that one-half of all the students who qualify for special education are classified as having a learning disability (6–7%). About 85% of those students have a primary learning disability in reading and language processing.”

This is where we come in! Learn more about how we can set your child up for success here.

Helpful Resources


At Dyslexia School of Houston, we understand how many families struggle to receive the proper dyslexia diagnosis for their child, and how often students lack the essential foundation they need to move forward in their education.

Are you a parent, educator or student looking for additional resources? Look no further.


It’s never too late to ensure your child receives a fantastic education. Dyslexia School of Houston offers literacy-first educational instruction to learners ranging from two to 10 years of age (and, we always support our students once they “age out” of our program!). For many, we are truly their students’ first good instruction and we take this responsibility very seriously.

Wondering if your child would thrive at Dyslexia School of Houston? The answer is likely a resounding “yes!” especially if they (or you):

  • Have unsuccessfully tried (and felt like you failed) to navigate another school district or system’s special education or accommodation process

  • Have already been diagnosed with dyslexia or your suspect they may have a dyslexia diagnosis

  • Are constantly frustrated by spelling, reading, word processing, etc. and may avoid these types of activities or shut down altogether

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